What is PU surgery?

If you have a cat who had a PU surgery maybe you can relate and please feel open to commenting your experience.  If you are reading this because your vet just recommended it for your cat and you want to know more about it, or just curious because it sounds funny, please continue reading. 

When our vet first mentioned the PU surgery for our sweet boy Aspen who had urinary problems.  If you haven’t read my previous blog about it (click here).   I was so stressed out and confused about what this surgery was and what it meant for Aspen.  I wanted to avoid it at all causes.  That is why the first time we just had the vet perform the surgery where they went into his bladder and removed the crystals. They warned us, he is at risk to have the same problem even if they are successful with this procedure.  But at that point I still didn’t want too, I had enough faith at the time, that the surgery would be successful at the removal of the crystals, and that he wouldn’t form any more because we kept him hydrated and had him on the special diet. 

What we weren’t aware of, maybe it is very unusual, or the vet neglected to warn us, was that poor Aspens urithrea never really went back to normal after the surgery.  This was causing it to continuously spasm, which led to it eventually causing a full blockage about two months later.

If you start to notice signs of your cat dribbling everywhere or straining to pee, or taking a really long time in the litter box.  It is crucial that you take them to see your local vet as soon as possible.  If a cat doesn’t urinate within 24 hours, it will cause kidney failure which will result in death.

So when we rushed Aspen to our vet, the PU surgery at this point was our only option, because putting him to sleep was definitely NOT.  


A PU surgery is short for perineal urethrostomy, and what that entails is, well the short version is they turn a male cat into a female cat.  Female cats have a shorter urethra and a wider opening which makes it less common for the risk of a blockage. If you would like to read about the actual procedure during surgery (click here 

As for his recovery, this all happened a couple of days before we were going on our trip to the mainland, so we asked if Aspen could stay at the pet hospital for a couple of days after his surgery and they were very awesome about letting him.  Surprisingly, they didn’t charge us an arm and leg for those extra nights.  I felt alot more comfortable with him there with them post surgery, because the first time he had surgery, a couple of days after bringing him home, we had to rush him back and he had to stay at the hospital for a couple of more nights.  

From the moment we picked him up, we could tell he was already feeling better.  As he was going throuhg his urinary problems, he would pee in his kennell anytime we put him in it so we would always make sure to put a puppy pad down first.  Prior to all of this he used to love car rides and never pee in the car.  It had been only two months from his first surgery to the PU surgery and there were signs.  As a loving cat mom I shouldn’t have taken them lightly.  But I also wanted to have faith and trust that all of the money we had just dropped to fix him … actually helped him.

It has been almost a month since his PU surgery and he is doing soooo great.  He is almost a different cat but for the better.  I didn’t think it was possible but he is even sweeter than he was before.  So loving and loves to cuddle and give kisses.  He is eating a healthy diet, we still stricly keep him on the moist c/d urinary care science diet food and on days that are on the hotter side I will add some water to his meal to ensure he keeps hydrated.  He is gaining weight, and he is so much more active and curious.  I coulnd’t be more thrilled to see him so happy and in no more pain.  It is such a relief that the surgery was a success, I only wish I had done it the first time around.  I hope this helped anyone that is in a similar situation that we were in.  Also for anyone who is reading this and lives on Oahu, I would highly recommend Feather and Fur Hospital if you live in the Kaneohe area.

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