Should you use a seat-belt for your dog in the car?

Following my latest blog, I talked about whether you should use a harness or a collar for your pet, I wanted to follow up with this blog…. Should you use a seat-belt for your dog in the car?

Yes! absolutely! In the state of Hawaii it is by law that our dogs have to be restrained in some way for everyone’s safety. We take our fur babies every where that we can and we want them to be first and foremost safe and secondly we don’t want any tickets. We even have a car seat for Ziggy since he is a whole 9 pounds, it is recommended for small dogs to have them in a car seat. We also have his safety seat belt latched to him since he is a very curious little guy. For Marley and Roo using just the seat-belts work just fine for them. This is another benefit for using a harness for your dog that I went over in my latest blog.

The seat-belts are easy to use, and you can easily latch the seat-belt to your dogs harness because if you have to slam on your breaks for whatever reason, it will protect your dogs neck. We use the brand Vastar, which has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, and if you order it on amazon it comes with two of them for very inexpensive price, which is great if you have more than one dog. I usually will never recommend anything very pricey for we have six pets to take care of.  You can click this link click here and it will take you straight to the Vastar dog seat-belts. Also you can take a look at the car seat which has almost a 5 star rating as well that we use for Ziggy by clicking here.

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