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You may ask yourself why should I get pet shampoo? do I need to also use conditioner? Or why can’t I just use my shampoo on them? Or just take them out back and hose them off? Well I’m hear to hopefully answer your questions the best I can!

Now a days pets are becoming, well more like pets! More and more people are making their dogs and cats into indoor dogs and cats, which is amazing because more and more people are taking animals more seriously! So now that our pets are indoor pets, it is essential to give our furry creatures baths. Mainly because you don’t want them trekking mud through the house, but also because of all of the germs they may have picked up from your walk outside, and I don’t know about your dogs, but ours love jumping on the bed and rolling around, plus they sleep with us.

When bathing your dog, it really helps if you have a detachable shower head to help get their under bellies. It is easier for me if I fill the bathtub just enough to cover their paws with luke warm water. If you don’t have a detachable shower head a large size cup will be a great help instead.

see detachable shower head

You do not want to use your own shampoo on your dogs because our skin has different pH levels. A humans skin pH level is around 5.5 – 5.6, where as a dogs skin pH level is more neutral and is between 6.2 – 7.4. Shampoos made for a human skin can be much more acidic which can irritate the balance of a dogs skin.

The pet shampoo that we use is called MOD which is hypoallergenic, contains aloe and Vitamin E, is alcohol free, paraben free, cruelty free, non-toxic and is already pH balanced for dogs skin. Currently we are using the cool as a cucumber scent…. cute right?! We get A TON of compliments on our dogs from how clean they look, to how soft they are, and of course how good they smell. Last week when taking the gang on a walk, a guy stopped to pet them, and asked what kind of pet shampoo we use, so that is what inspired me to write this blog… so thank you guy if you ever read this!

unfortunately amazon says the MOD shampoo is unavailable…

But there are a bunch of great pet shampoos out there so I have done a little research on a couple of them to help you out. What kind of shampoo you use though, also depends on what type of results you are going for.

Now you could just avoid all of this and take your dogs to the groomer, for us with three dogs it can be very expensive, and sometimes the situation calls for an immediate bath. Also before we got Roo and Ziggy, we starting noticing Marley would be really itchy after we took her to the groomer, and we realized it was because her skin was too sensitive to the shampoo they used, so we stopped taking her and used something organic at home. Plus Marley, being a yellow lab, loves water but hates baths, so doing it myself makes her much more comfortable. Although I do miss how the groomer always put little pink bows on her for pickup. Sadly, I don’t even have any pictures of her with her bows or many of her when she was a puppy, because 10 years ago phone cameras and technology was not what it is today.

How often should I bath my dog you ask?  A dog who seems to be pretty neutral I would recommend only about once a week, but if you have a dog that requires a little more love because they have allergies or sensitivities then you may need to bath them once a day or once every other day.  Or if you have a pomchi with a lot of fluff like us, every time we take him to go pee he gets a mess on his under carriage so we have to rinse off his belly every time.  But that is just a rinse off, we don’t shampoo him every time.

So now you ask yourself, well should I use conditioner on my dog also? I would have to say most of the time no you do not need to use a pet conditioner. Most of the pet shampoos out there will do what you need or have a shampoo + conditioner.  For example if your dog has dry skin, there is a shampoo made specifically for that, If you want your dogs fur to feel softer, just try a different shampoo with softening ingredients, or switch their food. Food plays a huge roll also in the texture of your dogs fur. If their fur is course and dry feeling the food you are feeding them may not be giving them the proper nutrients. I had a friend who had a pug, and he had a lot of sensitivities and she had to feed him this super expensive vet recommended food and his fur was the softest.

There are also shampoos for oily skin, flaky skin, itchy skin, scaly skin or doggy dandruff, and infected skin. But if it looks like your dog may have an infection, take it to your local vet first.

Soaping your dog up in the bath will also remove the dead skin cells, loose hair and bacteria or fungi as well as removing allergens from the skin. Plus the bonus of them smelling oh so nice!

A great shampoo to use for dry skin, I would recommend pro pet works oatmeal pet wash, it is a shampoo + conditioner.

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A recommended shampoo for oily skin Dechra DermaBenss

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A shampoo great for itchy, sensitive or infected skin would be Arava natural medicated dog shampoo

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