Milo and Aspen

It is quite a remarkable story about how Milo and Aspen came into our lives. Let’s rewind to about 11 years ago one hot summer day in my old neighborhood in Lake Oswego, OR. I was walking over to a friends house when I found this beautiful blue eyed Siamese male cat who didn’t seem to be scared of my approach. I was so intrigued by his beauty and then noticed he was declawed, I couldn’t believe this majestic animal was left outside like that not able to defend himself. I began asking around who this cat belonged too, and found out his previous owner moved away and left about a dozen of her cats to fend for themselves. I instantly brought him home, and we named him Doja, and he was apart of the family.
About a year later when I brought Marley home at just 10 weeks old they slowly began to grow a very strong bond. We were never sure how old Doja actually was though, but a couple of years later he had a stroke one day, we took him to the vet and everything seemed fine. Until the end of the year, on Christmas Eve, he had died in his sleep in his bed which was located at the end of my moms bed. He really set the standard of cats we would want going forward.
Now let’s fast forward just a little to about 4 years ago, I was living on my own in Honolulu at this time, and I remember driving in the car with my mom and telling her that when I get off of work late at night and come home it would be nice to not come to an empty house.
The residence I am living in though does not allow pets, so Marley was living with my mom. In Hawaii it is very hard to find housing that allows you to have pets, which is a whole different blog in itself, but another thing about Hawaii is the uncontrollable stray cat situation.
So after telling my mother I wanted a cat or something to come home too since cats are much quieter than dogs, her response was “go and find a stray cat, there are plenty.” At that time I just laughed it off, I wasn’t sure how serious I was about getting a cat and I told her that I wanted a Siamese with blue eyes like Doja. We both laughed at this because we knew that would be really expensive because breeders here charge an arm and leg for animals since they know they can because we are on an island, yes I agree they definitively take advantage.
We had this conversation in October, and at that time I mainly closed the bar where I worked at, but come Christmas Eve I was scheduled to open. The bar I worked at was located at the top level of Ala Moana mall which is the largest outdoor mall in the U.S. and our bar is open aired.
So as I’m setting up, I see this lady walk by with 2 baby, white Siamese kittens. I instantly ran over to her and wanted to inquire, she told me that she was selling them for only $100 each, they are a little young but what better gift for Christmas than 2 adorable kittens, they even have my dads birth date. I knew I had to have them but I wasn’t getting off of work for another 6 hours so I called my mom, and my mom who lived almost an hour away, drove to meet the lady so that we could bring our precious boys home that day. The stars couldn’t have been more aligned.

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