Keep Your Dogs Safe In Waikiki

I wanted to write this post for anyone who reads this that lives in Waikiki, or in any city for that matter.  Within the last week, five dogs that we are aware of have been stolen.

A group of guys are going around stealing dogs for the reward money…. disgusting!!! My mom lives in Waikiki with Roo and Ziggy but Marley has been staying with her for visitation.  Last week when my mom was out walking them around 4pm on the MAIN strip, the route she takes every day with tons of people around, some guy and his friends tried picking up Marley to take her after she went up to them to say “Hi”!  When my mom approached them and asked them what the hell they thought they were doing, their response was “we were just petting her”.  By picking her up? I think not!

It never crossed our mind that they were trying to steal her for the reward money, until today when our friend told us, that is what is happening currently in our City!  This can happen to anyone in any city so I just wanted to bring light to the situation for anyone who reads this and lives in Waikiki, please keep an extra close eye on your animals.  I also make my mom carry mace and a knife every time she leaves the house, especially when walking the squad, because even though Honolulu is a tourist/paradise destination… There is real crime that happens everyday that is getting out of control.

The news won’t talk about any of the crime that is happening because they don’t want to scare anyone away. Tourism is how the state and hotels make all of their money. If they let people know about the true nature of the crimes that go on in Waikiki they would lose a lot of business and to them money is more important than keeping people or animals safe. I hope by bringing light to this matter helps at least one dog from being taken, it is so unfair to them . Click Here if you would like to use the same mace as us, that is easily attached to our dogs leashes for our protection.

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