Hurricane Lane

Hey guys, I want to say sorry for it has been a little bit since my last post.  Once we got wind (he he…too soon?) about Hurricane Lane being a category 5 hurricane on its way straight for us, the whole island, including ourselves sort of went into panic mode. We have been out and about in the madness trying to get supplies just like everyone else. We kept running into the same problem though, and that was stores were already sold out of certain supplies so we had to continue on to the next store to find what we needed. All in all we have the majority of what we need if things get as bad as the news perceives. This will be our first hurricane we have ever had to experience, and it is said to hit us later this evening.

Being that we have six animals whom we would never leave behind, we have to ensure that we have enough food and water for all of them and us for fourteen days, if let’s say the power goes out and we are stuck in doors, which is worse case scenario, and three days of supplies if we need to evacuate. We have our kennels, leashes, and bags ready because shelters will not allow pets to wander around, they will need to be contained at all times. And that is even if the shelter allows pets, yup! you read that correctly, some of the shelters won’t even allow pets…. absolutely absurd!

We are advised to fill our bathtubs with water for sanitation purposes. It takes a gallon of water just to flush your toilet. We unfortunately don’t have a bathtub so we purchased buckets and filled those up along with our largest bowls and pots. We went and bought extra kitty litter for the cats, and puppy pads for the dogs encase the wind and rain become to strong to walk them.

So far our pets haven’t shown any signs of stress but a lot of our friends have mentioned their dogs have been acting weird, and that is because they can sense something is wrong. We do have CBD soft chews ready to give our dogs if the storm hits to help relax them, and an anti-stress liquid called pet calm to squirt on the cats gums for their relaxation. We get the CBD chews at our local vape shop, you only get a pack of 25 treats for around $30.00 but they are infused with 2.5 MG of CBD per chew, we really like the KOI brand that we have. As for the cats anti-stress liquid you can click here.

The hurricane has thankfully been dropped down to a category 2, but I would like to ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers as it approaches.  I will do my best to keep you guys updated through Instagram and Facebook. Also don’t forget to follow us if you aren’t already and like our Facebook page.

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