Collar Vs Harness

Roo sporting his harness/collar combo

You may be asking yourself which is better for your dog, or hey even your cat…. should I put them in a collar or a harness? In my opinion I would say harness. It’s not to say you shouldn’t have a collar for them either though.

When I first got Marley we used a collar but she was your typical energetic pup who loved going on walks and sniffing anything and everything. People passing by would always joke “who is walking who” and they had a point, Marley pretty much walked me. I eventually went to the local pet store in search of a fix and one of the employees recommended a harness.

Harnesses are a great training tool for big dogs who pull, the harness is meant to pull back from their chest area so it weens them off of pulling, therefore I had more control when taking her on walks. There are two different types of harnesses for that, the one where the leash attaches to the front is your best bet to get your dog to stop pulling. Once they are trained away from pulling, I would recommend a harness where the leash attaches to the back.

Another benefit of harnesses is for big dogs who pull or in the unfortunate event when people chain their dog to a tree day in and day out and they like to bark at people walking by, it’s much safer for those kinds of dogs in those situations because a harness will prevent them from snapping their neck.

A couple of evenings ago, I was out walking the dogs with my mom in Waikiki and her neighbor came up to us frantic and out of breathe. She told us her dog, he was a tiny little guy, had just slipped out of his collar when they were out walking and her dog took off down one of the main busiest roads. Not only did the dog almost get hit by a couple of cars, but she almost did also chasing after him. Like most dog mommas she was willing to put herself between the car and the dog, and I’m going to be completely honest I would do the same thing in a heart beat. The very next day she went to the pet store and bought her little guy a harness.

Now the reason I said both a collar and harness aren’t a bad idea either though is because harnesses are great for walking, and if you chain your dog up. But there really isn’t a convenient place for the dog tag, just in the unexpected incident your dog may escape. We don’t have a collar for Ziggy though, just his XS small harness that we all joke is his tiny man bra because it’s so little and cute but he has way too much fur for a collar so he just gets his harness. The great thing is there are plenty of sizes and cute styles to choose from in both categories. I hope this article helped you make a decision. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know which you prefer. Happy shopping!


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