Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

We brush ours, why would our furry babies be any different? Just like humans, brushing your pets teeth removes plaque and tartar build up. I know it may seem silly, but it is an important step to keeping your pet healthy. Not only will it help prevent future build up and prevent disease, it will also keep their breath fresh. And if your dogs are anything like mine they love giving kisses all over my face.
Much like us, your pets can get periodontal disease which is a bacterial infection of the mouth and can only be treated by a vet which can be very pricey. If you are concerned your pet may have it look for these symptoms:
1. early signs are stinky breath
2. red or swollen gums
3. are the teeth yellow or brown
4. lose or missing teeth
5. loss of appetite, losing weight
Periodontal disease in dogs can make them more prone to heart disease and other forms of bodily organ damage.
Now don’t panic if you haven’t brushed your dogs teeth in awhile, or ever. Veterinary offices sell a toothpaste and toothbrush for your pet. One side of the toothbrush is large for big animals, and the other side is small, so for us it’s perfect since our babies range from XS-XXL.
The toothpaste we use is called Enzymatic Toothpaste Dentifrice Enzymatique. We were using the poultry flavor, but switched over to the seafood flavor to give them a variety, but they don’t seem to like that one as much even the cats are against it.
The nice thing about this toothpaste is you don’t have to sit there and pin your pet down trying to scrub their teeth with it, trust me, my pets would not be having it. But all you need to do with this toothpaste is apply and let it do the work on its own. Remember though to keep it refrigerated.
Another thing I would recommend is dental greenies as daily treats to help prevent the tartar build up. Our pets love them.
You may also inquire with your local vet about a veterinarian cleaning, they will want you to bring you pet in for an exam to ensure the procedure is safe. It can be a risky procedure for older pets, like our Marley, because in order for them to clean your pets teeth they put them under anesthesia. For older pets being put under anesthesia can be dangerous. We have not personally done a veterinary cleaning because it is pricey and we have 3 dogs that we would like to get done.
So in the meantime we stick with the enzymatic toothpaste and greenies. Click the links below if you rather purchase them through Amazon.
Poultry flavor
Greenies for dogs

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