Aloha nui furriends!

I am the eldest and largest of the family, size XXL, I am 10 years old and a thoroughbred AKC yellow lab. I love to sing along to “who let the dogs out” and my hobbies include: playing fetch, tug-of-war, chewing on sticks, swimming, doing tricks, eating ice cream cones, and even though I weigh a hefty 75 pounds, I love cuddling with and laying on top of my pawrents. Especially my momma!!! If you’re curious and wanna know more about me or any of us, don’t be afraid to ask.


Aloha kakahiaka!

I am the XL large one of the family, and I am a 6 year old terrier/mini Italian greyhound mix. I was rescued by my family from the Hawaiian Humane Society, in November of 2012 , a short 2 months after my pawrents moved to Hawaii. Like most, their motto is “who rescued who”! I was a little psychotic at first, I used to get separation anxiety when they left me at home and I would tear up shoes, carpets, Venetian blinds, everything left in my sight. I have mellowed out a lot since then. They named me Roo because when I was little, I used to hop around, and when sleeping I looked like a kangaroo. My family calls me the special one of the bunch because my personality is much like that of a humans.



Aloha ahiahi!

I am the baby of the family… the small sized one, and I am 3 years old, my birthday is April 20th hence my name. When my pawrents got me they thought they were paying for a pomeranian. After a couple of months I started going through weird changes, losing my fur and had huge ears. We later found out down the road that I was Pomeranian, chihuahua mix. I am a very picky eater, I will only eat meat, I like to keep myself and everyone on a schedule and I love my Marley and Roo almost more than my humans. I love to sleep under the bed with my best friend Chloe.


I love to eat! Aloha kakou btw…

I am the large one of the family, I weigh a whole 17.5 pounds even though my pawrents have had me on portion control. I think i’m related to Garfield because food is all I live for. Every morning I love expressing vocally how bad I want food, I even run around their feet trying to direct them into the kitchen making chirppin sounds like Cardi B… Okurr! I am an indoor cat who has asthma and have to take medicine every other day for it. Some more of my hobbies include bird watching, sleeping, belly rubs, and of course eating.


Aloha nui!

I am the medium sized one of the family, Aspen, but you can actually call me silent Bob because I do not meow, which is unusual for my breed of Siamese, for we are known for being extra vocal. I am an indoor cat and one of the sweetest ones of the bunch, my hobbies include, cuddling, nursing on fuzzy blankets, cuddling, sleeping, and did I mention cuddling? I had to have a cystotomy surgery because I had kidney stones stuck in my urethra and was having a really hard time urinating. I am now on a strict wet food diet for the rest of my life. My pawrents are so thankful the surgery went well… Otherwise I would have had to have a PU surgery. And that would nooot have been fun…


Aloha Mai!

I’m the xs small one of the gang and my story is one that will unravel with time as I am undoubtedly the shyest of the bunch. Ironic, don’t you think? I’m the smallest of the bunch as well as the shyest… But with all of the love, treats, and patience, everyone has given me, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon! Besides my mom, Ziggy is my bestie and he only leaves my side to go on walks. I love talking with mom but still get very nervous around strangers, I spend the majority of my time under the bed. However, NCIS is my favorite show, I have to come out and watch, I just don’t know how they nab all those bad guys without getting hurt, it’s incredible! Oh and one last thing about me, if you want to try and get on my good side… White Cheddar Popcorn is my fave!!!